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Gnarly Vegan Recovery Powder
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The Gnarly Vegan Recovery Drink complements beautifully our Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula. Featuring the protein you need for recovery with absolutely no animal-derived ingredients, this plant-based blend includes 14 essentials vitamins and minerals for the complete nutrition package.

Plant protein powder can be gritty, but the Gnarly Vegan Recovery Drink isn’t! It has a rich flavor profile without the chalky, grainy mouth feel of other plant proteins.

Here’s what else we like about this vegan drink mix:

  • NO Artificial Colors - Gnarly uses natural food colors extracted from plants, minerals, or other natural sources.
  • NO Artificial Flavors – Gnarly’s flavors are not chemically synthesized, but naturally sourced.
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners – Gnarly use naturally occurring low-calorie sweeteners, like stevia and monk fruit extract, which provide amazing taste and enable you to regulate your carbohydrate intake. 
  • NO Soy or Gluten - Gnarly leaves out common allergens and gut irritants like soy and gluten. 
  • NO GMOs - There’s not enough evidence to determine the full impact of GMOs on humans and the environment, therefore Gnarly Nutrition chooses to source ingredients that are GMO-free.


Note: you can also use this protein mix as a meal replacement shake.