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hit the road giveaway

We teamed up with some of the best cycling brands in the industry to put together this giveaway! The package up for grabs is so good that the lucky winner might just want to strut his or her stuff with a cruise down Rodeo Drive.

What you win:

  • 3-month supply of Enduro Bites and Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula, plus an Enduro Bites t-shirt
  • Action Wipes adventure pack with its signature wipes as well as a Healing Honey Stick, Ache & Pain Stick, Healing Honey Lip Goo, SPF 30 Sunscreen and more
  • Set of carbon road bike disc rims from Knight Composites
  • Base layer, jersey, bibs, socks, hat and t-shirt of winner’s choice from Eliel Cycling
  • The Airport Ninja Bike Case from Orucase
  • 3 bike locks from RockyMounts (the Compton, the Carlito and the Hendrix)

TOTAL VALUE = $4,000

The brands makin’ the giveaway happen:  

Enduro Bites

Enduro Bites is based on the philosophy that sports nutrition should help athletes perform better. Each ingredient in Enduro Bites and Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula is chosen for a specific purpose. Enduro Bites founder Brian Maslach has spent his career studying exercise science and sports nutrition, including two decades as a Senior Vice President of a supplement company developing award-winning products.

Action Wipes


Action Wipes are made for people who care about what they put in and on their bodies. These natural wipes are made with pure essential oils – like tea tree, eucalyptus, and frankincense – leaving you refreshed, but not sticky. They are perfect for international travel, remote camping, music festivals or anywhere else without a shower. Action Wipes also makes a Honey Healing Stick, Ache & Pain Stick, Honey Lip Goo and more. 

Knight Composites 

Knight Composites designs wheels with three simple goals in mind: compliance, durability, and speed. The Knight design is based on superior engineering and manufacturing technology. Other manufacturers will tell you wheel design is a game of tradeoffs – you must sacrifice one thing to gain something else. We don’t believe in sacrificing anything. Knight gives you everything you want and expect.

Eliel Cycling

Eliel delivers world-class custom and branded cycling gear to teams and other groups. Based out of California, Eliel uses cutting-edge technologies to rapidly prototype and test new concepts. The company has also experimented with a broad spectrum of performance fabrics, ultimately arriving at gear they are proud to put their name on.


Tired of dropping 200 bucks every time you fly with your bike? So were the folks who founded Orucase. That’s why they designed The Airport Ninja, a bicycle travel case that slips by airport check-in and saves you hundreds of dollars in the process. Stick it to the airlines and pack smart, pack stealth, with the smallest bike case on the market.


More than 25 years ago, Bobby Noyes started RockyMounts with the goal of finding a better way to transport bikes to his next ride. Now, it offers a full lineup of roof racks, hitch racks, and locks. RockyMounts is fueled by its employees’ passion for riding bikes and living the outdoor lifestyle. Every product it creates is the best in class. Let Rocky Mounts keep you locked and loaded on your next adventure.