The 1-minute guide on how to use Beta Red for cyclocross

Here’s a few quick tips and tricks for how to use Beta Red for cyclocross ...

  • Since starts are crucial to cyclocross racing, take 1 serving of Beta Red 2 hours before your race, and then have another serving approximately 30 minutes before starting. Load a minimum of 1 dose per day the 2 days prior to priority races.
  • United Stated and World Masters Cyclocross Champion Rebecca Gross recommends writing out your whole race day schedule since there are often only small blocks of time you can get practice laps on the course between the other races. This also reduces pre-race jitters since you'll be less stressed about getting everything done before your race. 

    “I write in everything from waking up to eating breakfast to driving and changing clothes,” she says. “One of the things I also write in to my schedule is 2 to 3 hours before my race I drink a bottle of Beta Red! I get that tingly feeling from it right as I’m getting on the trainer for my warm up. Just like having the legs start burning from the embro or having that warm fuzzy feeling of switching to dry socks for the race start when the weather is cold it helps me to know my routine is dialed.”  
  • A benefit of Beta Red is that it’s easy to digest and sits well in the stomach, which is especially important before a hand-charging cyclocross race. “I like that it mixes easily and tastes good since I struggle to eat before races,” says Team Yeti Beti rider Natalie Raborn. “I use it before every race.” 
  • Another benefit of using Beta Red before cyclocross is that it’s easy to travel with (because it’s a powdered drink mix), allowing you to have a consistent pre-race routine no matter where in the country or world you land. 

What tips do you have for using Beta Red for cyclocross? Give us a shout at (Note: we also love seeing cool cyclocross photos, so send us those too!).

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