Our Secret for Maximum Awesomeness

Have you ever looked closely at your Enduro Bites wrapper and wondered why we recommend storing them in your refrigerator or freezer? One of Enduro Bites’ defining characteristics is that they are handcrafted daily in small batches. This guarantees you get the freshest energy food possible. And, no surprise, fresh food tastes better. 

Storing your bars in a refrigerator helps them maintain their fresh-made, mouthwatering taste. We recommend refrigerating bars your keep for more than a week or two after purchase. For long-term storage – a few months or more – storage in the freezer is appropriate.

Is refrigeration or freezing absolutely required? No. Enduro Bites have a shelf life of 12 months when stored at room temperature. However, like any food they will gradually lose their just-whipped-up-this-morning taste over time.

The long and the short, storing Enduro Bites in a refrigerator or freezer helps maintain maximum awesomeness.

One pro tip: freeze Enduro Bites chocolate flavors overnight so they are chilled before heading out on a hot day. This will help keep the cocoa-rich dark chocolate from melting too quickly (ie before it gets to your mouth). 

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