Hydrating with Mineral Water

With all the research on different hydration solutions lately, one particular study caught my attention as it touched upon something I’ve been doing for a while now — drinking mineral water to improve hydration and pH balance.

Researchers in Italy compared the use of a high calcium and bicarbonate mineral water versus a low mineral-content water and found the following.

…mineral water intake is correlated with the increase of urinary pH and with a lower urine specific gravity in amateur athletes, therefore it may be a valuable nutritional vector for influencing hydration status in athletes.

In other words, their research revealed that subjects consuming mineral water were better hydrated and had an increased capacity to retain water after exercise.

Anecdotally, I find that I feel better and seem to recover faster when consuming a liter or two of Pellegrino or Whole Foods Sparkling Mineral Water throughout the day. I also find that despite the natural carbonation I’m able to consume a greater volume of fluid without feeling bloated or uncomfortable - a good thing when trying to rehydrate after a long ride on a hot day. I haven’t tried using mineral water during training, although I plan to run a trial replacing half of my normal electrolyte replacement drink with it soon.

To further increase the alkalizing property of mineral water, and give yourself a bit more variety, add a little natural lemon juice. 

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